Department of Philosophy

‘All men by nature desire to know.’

Aristotle, Metaphysics I, 980a

Bachelor programs

Are you interested in history, philosophy, and other humanities disciplines? Come and study our Bachelor’s program in Humanities Studies. Do you want to find out more about the world around us? Apply for the Bachelor’s program in Philosophy, and you’ll learn more.

Master programs

Are you interested in European culture and its history? Do you want to explore the relationship between European thought, religion, and art? Come and study our follow-up Master’s program called Humanities. However, you might be more interested in whether machines can think. How to communicate with artificial intelligence in human language? How to distinguish reality from simulated reality? Then the Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence program is ideal for you.


Come study with us

Come study with us

The Department of Philosophy offers two study programmes - Humanities Studies and Philosophy - for...

Our study programs

Research at the Department of Philosophy

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