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The Department of Philosophy offers two study programmes – Humanities Studies and Philosophy – for applicants for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities. Interested in history, philosophy and other humanities disciplines? Come and study with us full-time or on Saturdays in a combined form of study. Do you want to learn about new technologies for the information society? Or do you prefer to turn to the past and the care of cultural heritage? Or you haven’t decided yet and want to learn the basics of social sciences, including sociology, political science, psychology.

Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. Is it important to you that we study philosophy and not philosophy? Then this degree program is right for you!

Master’s Degree in Humanities. Are you interested in the history of European culture? Do you want to explore the relationships between European thought, religion and art? The admission procedure is currently open for full-time students only. We hope to be able to announce admissions for the combined form this year, but not until July. If you don’t want to wait, apply for full-time study and you can apply for transfer to the combined form when you enrol.

Master¨s Degree in Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence. Want to know if machines can think? Do you want to know how to communicate with artificial intelligence in human language? How to distinguish reality from simulated reality? Whether robots can act ethically? In collaboration with the Department of Cybernetics, we are preparing a new programme that reflects the latest developments in information and communication technologies and their impact on human thought and language.

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