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About our department

Department of Philosophy is one of the ten departments of the Faculty of Arts at the University of West Bohemia.

Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

The word philosophy (φιλοσοφία) is Greek in origin and is formed of two other words – the verb filein (φιλειν) to “love” and the noun sofia (σοφια), i.e., “knowledge”, “cognition” or “wisdom”. That is why philosophy is usually translated as “love of wisdom”. Philosophy as such is difficult to define because the discipline has developed in time and because there are many different, incompatible, philosophical opinions about what philosophy is. At present, there is a clear tendency in some circles to perceive philosophy as an outmoded discipline that has little to offer. Surely, philosophy offers no general recipe for solving all current problems. But still it is a path worthwhile to explore and a useful guide for our thought. This is because it teaches independent, critical thinking without which we are unable to find our way around in today’s vast amount of information and almost unlimited possibilities.

The Department of Philosophy (“KFI”) at the University of West Bohemia offers education and research in philosophy, especially the history of philosophy, epistemology, philosophy and methodology of natural sciences, the humanities and technology, logic, philosophy of cognitive sciences, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of religion and religious studies. 

The research activities of our department focus on two areas. The first explores the philosophical, theoretical, and historical aspects of science (history of science and technology, philosophical reflection of science in its theoretical and historical dimension). The second area focuses on the Cultural studies.

The department (“KFI”) offers two study programs: 1) Philosophy, and 2) Humanities.

In the Philosophy program, the department offers:

  • a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy;
  • a master’s degree in Philosophy for  Artificial Intelligence.

In the Humanities program, the department offers:

  • a bachelor’s degree in Humanities;
  • a master’s degree in Humanities;
  • a Ph.D. degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

The department offers all students of the University of West Bohemia education in the humanities connected to philosophy and an interdisciplinary approach to particular problems. The department also participates in the university’s life-long education program and by organizing talks and informal discussions it raises the question of the importance of the Humanities in a wider public space.

Why study here

Why study philosophy in today’s world? What can theoretical, seemingly impractical humanities disciplines that divert a practical person from “normal” work teach you?
The contemporary world demands quick and precise formulations, and we have described the desired skills for you along with examples of professions you can pursue.


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You will learn to speak

(moderator, press spokesperson, PR manager)

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You will learn to write

(journalist, writer)

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You will learn to make decisions

(project manager, banking advisor)

And also:

  • You will discover that there are far more books than you could have imagined
  • You will learn to respect traditions and learn from history
  • You will learn languages, explore foreign countries, and experience different cultures.

More information about the department

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